Guggenheim Reveals An Alternate Ending For Arrow Season 1 Guggenheim Reveals An Alternate Ending For Arrow Season 1
Marc Guggenheim has shared some script pages for an alternate Arrow Season 1 ending in which Tommy Merlyn survives. Guggenheim Reveals An Alternate Ending For Arrow Season 1

To help everyone get through this time of staying-at-home isolation, Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim has been sharing some script pages from the show’s past on his Twitter feed. Often times these script pages have included some scenes that were deleted or moved to another time; sometimes those script pages are important moments in the eight-year history of the show.

It at least one case, fake script pages were created in case spoilers came out. For example, today Guggenheim shared two alternate script pages for the Arrow Season 1 finale “Sacrifice” in which… Tommy Merlyn did not die. In fact, it sets things up for Tommy to be the Dark Archer rival that a lot of us thought he was going to be when the series began.

In this alternate version, which we assume was never filmed, Oliver (Stephen Amell) tells Tommy (Colin Donnell) that yes, he “had to” kill his father Malcolm (John Barrowman) — and as soon as Tommy breaks free from being stuck beneath the rebar… Tommy threatens that he knows what he has to do — “I’m going to have to kill you!”

You can see the script pages below; Marc Guggenheim’s Twitter feed can be found here.


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