Stephen Amell Answers Fan Questions On Facebook

Craig Byrne February 18, 2012 1

Stephen Amell is already prepping for his Green Arrow role with a lot of training and a revised diet where it sounds like he’s cutting out a lot of tempting foods. Fortunately, he was able to break away from his training long enough to shoot a 17 minute video answering fan questions on his Facebook page.

To see what Stephen had to say, check out his Facebook page… are we alone in hoping the goatee stays when he plays Oliver Queen?

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  1. Gani April 1, 2014 at 6:39 pm -

    I am not sure what is happening with this tv show anymore and I will be surprised if it doesn’t get canceled soon!!! I used to love it, however I am not sure where it is going or happening anymore? I feel like, they do not know which direction they want to go with it!!! As a fan, I wish that there were more visual effects to it. And by that, I mean that I was thrilled when I saw that one guy get hit by lightning and I been patiently waiting to see him come back with whatever powers that he gained. I am starting to watch lass and not care about this tv show anymore. ( which is sad b/c it was heading the right direction at first) oh well