Interview: Stephen Amell & Julie Greenbaum Talk About F*ck Cancer Interview: Stephen Amell & Julie Greenbaum Talk About F*ck Cancer
Interview with Arrow's Stephen Amell and F*ck Cancer co-founder Julie Greenbaum Interview: Stephen Amell & Julie Greenbaum Talk About F*ck Cancer

100_1138Last night at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood, CA, Stephen Amell hosted an event to raise money for the F*ck Cancer charity. Stephen Amell’s mother is a survivor of breast cancer, and many of us have probably also known people who have been affected by it, so doing an event like this was something very important to Amell as well as the many people who attended the event.

Before the party started, we spoke with Stephen as well as F*ck Cancer co-founder Julie Greenbaum about how he got involved with the cause.

“Our mutual friend Brett Gursky, saw a photo I had posted with my mom on Instagram,” Stephen told us. “It was 51 weeks ago, and she and I were giving the middle finger to the camera, because she had just finished her chemo and was starting to feel good and was having a beer, and Brett saw it, and hooked the two of us up.”

“It was actually just after our L.A. party last year. That’s when he saw the picture. We had just done the event, and he sent me an e-mail saying ‘I wanted to introduce you to a friend of mine. I saw a picture that his mother just finished her treatment, and they were giving the finger to cancer,’ so it ended up being a perfect marriage,” Greenbaum added.

100_1156Those who follow Stephen on Twitter can see that he is very close with his family, and he talked about how that relates to this charity. “Sometimes you think about what your parents mean to you, but then something like breast cancer happens. When it happened 25 years ago, I didn’t remember it. I just remember that my mom wasn’t around. But then, when it happens again, you think about your parents’ mortality and your own mortality, and you just want them to get better,” he said.

If Arrow fans missed this event, Stephen told us that many more F*ck Cancer events are on the way, including places like Toronto and Montreal. Julie Greenbaum adds that a New York event is on the way and hopefully Chicago will be happening as well. Next year, we can expect to see another event happening in Los Angeles.

“Remember this event, so that this year when it happens, we’ll make it bigger and better,” Stephen said.

Bigger than Verdant? “Bigger than Verdant,” he confirmed.

To read what Stephen’s cousin Robbie Amell had to say about the event, as well as his new series The Tomorrow People, come to our general TV news site, KSiteTV.

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