Interview: Audrey Marie Anderson Talks About The Crossover Interview: Audrey Marie Anderson Talks About The Crossover
Audrey Marie Anderson talks about the upcoming crossover between The Flash and Arrow Interview: Audrey Marie Anderson Talks About The Crossover

At last week’s Arrow/Flash crossover event red carpet, we spoke with actress Audrey Marie Anderson (Lyla Michaels) for the first time, asking her about the upcoming crossover (airing December 2 and 3 on The CW) as well as Lyla’s Harbinger connection and her bigger role in Arrow Season 3.

Suicide Squad“She has a ghost from her past – Digger Harkness, who comes back to wreak havoc on her life. He wants revenge, because at some point, she was part of putting some sort of explosive chip in the back of his head, and he survived, she tried to blow him up…. so he’s a little mad, yeah!” she reveals.

Despite this backstory, there will be no Suicide Squad flashbacks in the crossover.

Finally, we got a question out that we’ve wondering for a while – the Flash series has alluded to a “Crisis” and Lyla Michaels was tied to that major event as a character called “Harbinger.” Is that connection going to be brought up?

“I don’t know the answer to that!” she says. “I wish I knew! They don’t tell me anything,” she laughs. “I just know when they give me the script.”

You can watch the entire video with more quotes below, and stay tuned for more interviews in the coming days!

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