GreenArrowTV Scoop: Which Smallville Recurring Guest Is Coming To Arrow?

Craig Byrne November 12, 2012 Comments Off

He caused trouble for Green Arrow in one universe; now let’s see how he interacts with Oliver Queen in this one.

GreenArrowTV has gotten confirmation that Michael Daingerfield has been cast as “Ned Foster” in the Arrow episode “Burned,” which is set to be the show’s first new episode of 2013. If the name or look are familiar, it’s because he was “Gordon Godfrey” in several episodes of Smallville Season 10. (He was also a security guard in the Season 3 episode “Shattered”).

Daingerfield also has more comic book connections, as the voice of Unicorn in Iron Man: Armored Adventures and also having appeared in the Catwoman movie.

We’re not sure yet what his character will bring to the show, but when or if we hear anything, we’ll post it on the Arrow Spoilers Page.

Don’t forget a new episode of Arrow airs this Wednesday!

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