Confirmed: Dollhouse’s Tahmoh Penikett To Guest Star On Arrow

Craig Byrne September 17, 2012 Comments Off on Confirmed: Dollhouse’s Tahmoh Penikett To Guest Star On Arrow

Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica fan favorite Tahmoh Penikett will be guest starring on Arrow.

Penikett’s Facebook fan page broke the news first about his doing Arrow, and GreenArrowTV has learned that Penikett will be playing Tom Salvati, right hand man to Jeffrey Nordling’s mob boss Frank Bertinelli. Bertinelli is, of course, the father to Helena Bertinelli, who also happens to be crimefighter known as The Huntress. She first appears in Arrow Episode 7, “Muse of Fire.”

This isn’t Penikett’s first trip to the DC Universe. He played “Vince Davis” in the Season 3 Smallville episode “Resurrection,” and then played a different character, “Wes Keenan,” in two episodes of Smallville Season 6. He also can count an episode of Human Target on his resume. In addition to all of that, the Internet Movie Database lists him as playing “Henry Ackerdson” in the next Superman movie, Man Of Steel.

“Muse of Fire” should be airing in late November on The CW. Only a few weeks to go before the show’s October 10 premiere!

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