Arrow “Streets Of Fire” Official CW Description – [SPOILER] Returns!

Craig Byrne April 17, 2014 11

The CW has released an official description for the next to last episode of Arrow Season 2.

The Man Under the HoodIt’s called “Streets Of Fire” and we can see it on May 7. Beware of new spoilers within, and as always, you can find more spoilers on our Arrow Spoilers Page.

MALCOLM MERLYN RETURNS — Oliver (Stephen Amell) rallies his team as Slade’s (Manu Bennett) soldiers attack the city.  Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) gets a call from S.T.A.R. Labs with game-changing news and Thea (Willa Holland) comes face-to-face with her father – Malcolm Merlyn (guest star John Barrowman).  Nick Copus directed the episode written by Jake Coburn & Ben Sokolowski (#222).


  1. Arrowhead April 17, 2014 at 3:20 pm -

    This is gonna be GREAT!! Not only do we get to see Slade’s army but we also get to see Thea confront Malcolm!! Definitely have to see it!!

  2. Muhammad April 17, 2014 at 4:01 pm -

    The Dark Archer is back baby!

  3. ani April 17, 2014 at 4:26 pm -

    wake up flash !

  4. Jonathan April 17, 2014 at 5:32 pm -

    Slade’s army attacks the city, Oliver rallies his team, Felicity’s friends phone (likely with news of A: the Mirakuru Cure or B: Barry awakening), and Thea confronts her villainous father. And it’s not even the finale yet…. This season has been EPIC! Can’t wait to hear what the finale has…. and what will be in store for Season 3.

  5. Debesh April 18, 2014 at 2:51 am -

    and this is not even he finale!!!!

  6. Barry April 21, 2014 at 7:28 am -

    PLEASE… I just wanna see Oliver and Malcolm vs. Slade and Ravager 😀

  7. Jonathan April 21, 2014 at 9:54 am -

    Barry: I totally agree. Malcolm *needs* to temporarily ally with Oliver simply because it’d be bad-ass to see the Dark and Emerald Archers working together.

  8. Deathstroke April 21, 2014 at 9:59 am -

    I hope this doesnt mean that we wont see Merlyn in the finale. Thea confronting him will be very interesting to see.

    Stephen Amell said that there were a lot of “masks” in the finale and that “Everyone is here” . Apparently the Suicide Squad will be back as well before the season is over (Deadshot has been confirmed to be there) so maybe they could be in the finale as well. Would also be cool if the Huntress was in it too.

    As for the finale – I am as excited about it as I am worried. this whole cure thing they are pulling suddenly out of the hat now is WAY too cheap and convenient for my taste. Its like they ran out of ideas how to wrap this up. “Oh lets just bring in a cure for Mirakuru”. I really dont like this at all.

    The obvious way would be now to just inject Slade with the cure and Oliver can take him down easily. While this is a good way to rid Roy of his powers again (which he doesnt have in the comics), its a terrible way to resolve the Arrow vs Deathstroke conflict , assuming they do it this way.

    I also have problems with this because I dont WANT Slade to lose his powers. Mainly because he is one of my most favorite comic book characters of all time and in the comics Slade has been enhanced and his enhanced strength, agility, speed and healing factor is part of what makes him Deathstroke. Taking that away is like taking Barrys superspeed away again.

    I always saw the Mirakuru as the shows way to portray Slades evolution into the Deathstroke from the comics. And they have done it so amazingly and brilliantly that I really hope they will not undo that now in the final episodes of the season.

    In the comics Green Arrow or Batman (both characters who dont have superpowers) have been able to defeat Deathstroke despite him being physically superior to them. And they didnt do it by taking his powers away. So I really hope that this cure isnt used as a cheap way to take down Deathstroke and rid him of what is a major part of the character in the comics. The build up to this finale has been absolutely amazing but now the finale can either be really amazing and rewarding or it can just really screw up all the great work done so far with the evolution of these characters.

    Likewise I dont want Slade to die in the finale. First of all because he is by far my most fav character on the show though thats also in part because I have been a Deathstroke fan for many years and was looking forward to his character on Arrow ever since I saw his mask on the beach in the Pilot.

    Second of all Deathstroke is a MAJOR character in the comics, the greatest mercenary and assassin in the DCU, equal to the likes of Batman himself. But Slade isnt a straight up villain. Actually in the comics he is more of an anti-hero with a strong sense of honor albeit deadly methods. There is a lot of stuff about the character that Arrow has barely touched upon yet (for instance him being an anti-hero or the complex relationship between him and the various members of his family such as Adeline, Grant, Joe or Rose).

    So killing such a major comics character off to me is actually a big no no in general. But I also think that Slade has a lot more potential as a character for years to come on the show and so much stuff the show still has yet to tap into from his comics history. They could easily make him a regular for the remainder of the entire series and keep exploring him, his relationship with Oliver (which also could greatly change over the years) and explore much more of Slades own mythology from the comics.

    Bottom line: Killing off or removing one of the best characters of the show would be a really bad move. This should only be the beginning of Slades story, not the end.

    We´ll see.

  9. worrA April 21, 2014 at 10:20 pm -

    Expected script:
    In the final fight between Oliver and Slade, when Slade was already transformed to normal by cure. Oliver asked “If it was not Sara but your ex-wife or your son right in front of Ivo’s fire, who would you make your choice?” Slade surprised in silent, he recognized something. Oliver continued “I’d tried many times not to kill you but to save you and tell you the truth, that was not our choice, that was Ivo’s and he already paid for it”.
    Slade felt like he’s just waken up from a long nightmare. He smiled toward Oliver “So, it’s time to end up these messes”. Oliver aimed for his shot “I’m sorry Slade, sometimes I felt like you’re my brother, but you had gone too far”.
    Slade kept smile on his face and nodded “I know, help me out for my last favor but there’s one thing I must let you know. Can you guess how can I have lots of money for my revenge? In fact, I’m just a part from an international organization and there are other ones with “natural ability”, I meant without Mirakuru. They have noticed to your city, they are everywhere. So you may have to continue on your fight. Now, help me out for my last favor, an exact and calm arrow that lead me to paradise”.
    *The bow of Oliver had been improved by Barry – the genius in order to increase it strength for situation with strong man who affected by Mirakuru.
    The moment when an arrow shot out from oliver’s bow to Slade. Suddenly another arrow came and stop it. Both of Slade and Oliver were very surprised. Slade thought “The one who could stop an arrow from a man…”. Oliver thought “It’s the one who taught him”.
    In fact, with the last attempt before buried Shado, Slade had transferred his blood to her. But in a short moment it did not work until he buried her underground. Later, Mirakuru worked and heal the wound for Shado, she really got up from grave. But because she had a shot to her head so she temporarily forgot everything. When she recover her memory, she only remembered that the last moment she knew it was when they knelt down in front of Ivo. She started to look for Oliver and with Mirakuru inside, she can stop Oliver’s arrow to save Slade. Shado offered Oliver not to kill Slade, she got the cure from Oliver to treat Mirakuru then left Starling city with Slade.

    Finished 2nd season with Barry and his new ability after recover from an accident with thunder stroke, he can detect every details and imagine how a thing happen – prediction. Barry did not stay with Oliver’s team but he swore that he will always support for everyone. Oliver trusted in Thea and let her manage Queen consolidated. Roy became manager of Verdant, he did not use the cure so he still kept his power but he knew how to control it now. Oliver went back to “Hell Island” again for his strict training to improve and create new skills in order to prepare for those things Slade revealed about a secret international organization with many “natural ability” members. Diggle had an offer to temporarily join with “Suicide Squad” and became an agent of ARGUS again, his duty is to control “Suicide Squad” as well as protect them from death.

    Beginning of 3rd Season.
    After next 6 month training hard in “Hell Island”, Oliver became stronger and more skillful but he did not connect to real life until a killer was sent there to kill him. Oliver easily defeated the killer and he got the information that his mother-Mayor of Starling city had been kidnapped for a secret plan of an organization. That’s time for Green Arrow return again, to save his city.

    • Bruce Wayne April 23, 2014 at 3:46 am -

      Did you make this up or hacked into one of the computers of the writers of the show cause i don’t know if i should read this comment as i don’t want any spoilers for the rest of the season.

      • The Bat April 23, 2014 at 8:27 am -

        I am not going to read that comment for 2 reasons:

        1) because i think its a fake story

        2) even if its true i don’t want such BIG spoilers