Arrow Preview Comic To Be Distributed At Comic-Con Arrow Preview Comic To Be Distributed At Comic-Con
A 10-page Arrow comic will be distributed at Comic-Con. Arrow Preview Comic To Be Distributed At Comic-Con

The Comic-Con International in San Diego, which will include an Arrow preview screening and panel, is just a few days away, and TV Guide today has posted details about another special treat that is planned.

Scheduled to be distributed at the Con — where, we don’t know, but the Arrow panel, the DC Comics booth, or the Warner Bros. booth are all good guesses — will be an exclusive Arrow comic book that takes place after the pilot but before Episode 2. The comic story is written by Andrew Kreisberg with fellow Arrow EP’s Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, with DC superstar Geoff Johns also involved. Interiors are drawn by Omar Francia and legendary Green Arrow artist Mike Grell drew the cover.

The story involves some flashbacks to Ollie’s playboy days, and TV Guide also notes that Roger Cross’ character Detective Hilton plays a part in the script. “To us those 10 pages are canon,” Kreisberg says. “And [for] anyone who grabs a copy: Hold onto it and as the series progresses, you’ll appreciate it more and more.”

Craig Byrne

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