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Original Airdate: 10/16/2013
Written by: Ben Sokolowski & Beth Schwartz
Directed by: Nick Copus

Starring: Stephen Amell (as Oliver Queen/Arrow), Katie Cassidy (as Laurel Lance), David Ramsey (as John Diggle), Willa Holland (as Thea Queen), Emily Bett Rickards (as Felicity Smoak), Colton Haynes (as Roy Harper), Manu Bennett (as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke), Susanna Thompson (as Moira Queen), Paul Blackthorne (as Quentin Lance)

Guest Stars: Michael Jai White (as Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger), Kelly Hu (as China White), Kevin Alejandro (as Sebastian Blood), Celina Jade (as Shado), Adrian Holmes (as Lt. Frank Pike)

First Appearance: Ben Turner/Bronze Tiger, Sebastian Blood

Trivia: Michael Jai White played the title role in the movie based on the popular 1990’s comic book Spawn. Stephen Amell has said before that his favorite comics included Spawn and Lobo.
– Kevin Alejandro (Sebastian Blood) appeared in the TV series Golden Boy also executive produced by Greg Berlanti. Sebastian Blood was a villain from New Teen Titans comics by Marv Wolfman and George Perez – the same series that introduced Deathstroke/Slade Wilson.
– Susanna Thompson and Paul Blackthorne do not appear in this episode.


On the island, Slade discovers a map and a photo on the deceased. Shado washes off Oliver’s bloody hands and comforts him in his time of questioning if darkness lies inside him. Slade interrupts their bonding to lead them to the rock depicted in the photo. There, they enter a cave filled with sixty-year-old skeletons and Japanese swords. Oliver discovers the hosen shaped like an arrowhead.

Roy, listening in on a police scanner, darts to the scene of a FEMA truck being attacked by China White and her men. Roy’s efforts are thwarted. He’s taken into custody, but Laurel won’t press charges. Thea and Oliver pick him up, and he tells Oliver that FEMA medical transports are being hijacked on their way to the Glades. Felicity, although she’s furious about her cover as Oliver’s assistant, finds that another FEMA shipment is on the move. At the truck, Oliver fights with China White and her new partner, the Bronze Tiger, before the police interrupt.

After suggesting a double date, Oliver learns that Diggle and Carly have called it quits. Oliver and Diggle skip out on their benefit thrown with Sebastian Blood, an alderman vocal about his disdain for how people treat the Glades, in order to stop another attack on FEMA. China White climbs aboard the truck that Diggle took over, while Oliver takes down the Bronze Tiger. Helping Diggle out, Oliver pins China White to a pole, where she’s arrested.

The Hood approaches Roy and agrees to use him as eyes and ears in the Glades, giving Roy a red arrow as a way to set up a meeting. To win over Thea, who gave him the ultimatum that he give up his heroic dreams or give up being with her, Roy lies about his choice. The Hood makes a second appearance at Laurel’s office, but this time, she set a trap. He’s unable to escape the swarm of police.


Oliver: We’re going to need more sparring dummies.
Diggle: I’ll start ordering them in bulk. Does this mean you’re ready to launch crusade 2.0?
Oliver: I’m ready, I just don’t know where to begin. Last year, I had the list. Getting justice was as simple as crossing names out of a book.
Diggle: This is Starling City. You never have to look far to find someone engaged in illegal activity.

Oliver: We all need to have secret identities now. If I’m going to be Oliver Queen, CEO, then I can’t very well travel down eighteen floors every time you and I need to discuss how we spend our nights.
Felicity: And I love spending the night with you. Three, two, one. I worked very hard to get where I am, and it wasn’t so I could fetch you coffee.

Oliver: I just feel like this island is turning me into something terrible.
Shado: No island, no place, can make you something you’re not.
Oliver: So, I’ve always been a killer?
Shado: Everyone has a demon inside of them … opposing forces inside all of us. The darkness, the light, the killer, and the hero.

Felicity: Never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually getting more done down in the basement of an abandoned steel factory than in the corner office of a high rise.

The Hood: I thought that we understood each other.
Laurel: I understand that you’re a criminal, and you think the law doesn’t apply to you. It does.
The Hood: You didn’t always feel that way. You used to think that I was helping the people in this city.
Laurel: And then I saw you … the night of the earthquake. I saw you at CNRI. My friend was inside the building when it collapsed. He went there to rescue me. And by the time I managed to climb inside, he was gone. But I saw you, running away into the night. You didn’t save him. You were too busy fighting a meaningless duel with Malcolm Merlyn. And when people, people you told me you would protect, needed your help, you weren’t there. I don’t think you wear that hood because you’re a hero. I think you wear it to hide that you’re a coward. And I promise you, I will see you unmasked, prosecuted, and sent to prison. Don’t ever speak to me again.

Oliver: We’re late.
Diggle: Good new is at least you get to make your dramatic entrance.
Oliver: Oh, I’m just lucky Oliver Queen has a reputation for not showing up on time.
Diggle: You know I’ve been meaning to tell you it really weirds me out to no end the way you refer to yourself in third person like that.

China White: They still won’t see you as anything more than the enemy. You’ll never be anything but a criminal to them. Which means you’ll never be a hero.
Oliver: As long as the city is safe, it doesn’t matter.

Episode guide entry by Stephanie Hall

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