Arrow Episode #2.16 Is Called “Suicide Squad”

Craig Byrne February 3, 2014 1

875600At a press Q&A today Arrow Executive Producers Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg confirmed the title for the sixteenth episode of Season 2.

The title of the episode is “Suicide Squad.”

Some new characters should be appearing as well as some familiar faces. We can also look forward to the return of Ben Browder as Ted Gaynor.

“Suicide Squad” will likely be airing in March.

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  1. Marko February 4, 2014 at 1:23 am -

    first off i can feel that this episode is gonna be awesome!!! :)
    and i was just thinking that since season 2 episode 16 is gonna be called Suicide Squad that means that maybe this will be the beginning of the squad ands this episode is only 4 episodes away so the Suicide Squad and Amanda Waller plots are gonna start/get a boost pretty quickly and Amanda Waller is getting to work in forming the squad as now she only has 1 member or so i think who is Bronze Tiger so her formed/beginning of squad is gonna happen soon! :)