Arrow “Crisis on Earth-X” Overnight Ratings Report Arrow “Crisis on Earth-X” Overnight Ratings Report
Overnight ratings report for the Arrow portion of "Crisis on Earth-X" Arrow “Crisis on Earth-X” Overnight Ratings Report

The initial overnight ratings are in for Part 1 of the crossover, and while they aren’t as high as last year’s crossover numbers, it’s still an improvement over what the live ratings have been for Arrow previously this year.

Part 2 of “Crisis on Earth-X” — The Arrow episode — is looking at 2.54 million viewers and a 0.9/3 in the Ages 18-49 demographic for now. The final ratings can and will go up once DVR and other things are factored in; it is possible that some viewers wanted to watch it all in one clump since it is like a four-hour movie.

In the previous hour’s overnights, Supergirl had a 0.9/3 as well, with 2.65 million viewers.

You can talk about the first night of “Crisis on Earth-X” on our forum at KSiteTV — if you want to see what’s happening tonight on The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, a trailer and screencaps can be found here.

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    November 28, 2017 #1 Author

    I can’t say I’m surprised]. I thought a pretty good chunk of the first part was really good. But I think I’m starting to see why Olicity isn’t to big as it was. I didn’t care for how Felicity reacted to Oliver’s proposal and what happened between them in the second part of the crossover seemed silly for why she rejected it in the first part. The one thing I definitely saw coming was the “thing” that started between Alex and Sarah, I mean who didn’t see that coming. I did have a problem with the church fight, like how is it that Ollie just randomly had a bow and some arrows on him? Could he have just used his fists and feet or use whatever he could find at the church, like some of the others did? I think it would have made it a little more realistic in my opinion. And how are the earth x versions of Oliver, Kara and Thawne able to speak English so well? I do have an idea, but nonetheless. I think that would have maybe made it more threatening and realistic maybe.
    As for part two, it did feel a little more like an arrow episode, but I will say that it did do quite a bit better than what this season of Arrow has been doing, which is needless to say going really down the tubes. The surprises I liked was seeing Tommy as earth x Prometheus even if it was just for a short period. But I don’t think it completely surprises me, there’s been talk about him for a while, but it was still nice to see Colin briefly. And I liked how earth x Oliver and Kara were married, that was a interesting little twist. And the last one was seeing Metallo briefly. He looked sinister but great. I strongly hope that they do something with him at some point in a regular version of Supergirl, they haven’t done that yet, and I think it would be exciting to see. But when it was revealed that there is a different Kara on every earth, I didn’t know what to think about that, I’m not sure if it was necessary. Since she came to earth. It would make sense for everyone else, but not her. The one fight scene I haven’t cared for though was Black Canary, Mr Terrific, and Wild dog suddenly showing up and taking on the evil Oliver, and it’s not at all surprising that he beat all of them in just a minute or two. The warehouse fight was better and more believable. One thing I am tired of seeing though is Thawne who just keeps coming back. I’m getting tired of it. It was cool seeing in the beginning, what everyone from each show as doing, but except for Oliver and Felicity, how did Kara get an invitation to Barry nd Iris’s wedding? But even more was how did the legends know? They never got an RSVP? I thought it was beautiful when Barry not on;y asked Kara to sing at their wedding, but she sang their song. That was touching. As for the final two parts, I have a enough idea of what it going to happen, And I am willing to bet (just from a couple pictures I’ve seen, that Barry and Iris and most likely Oliver and Felicity all do get married in the end. Part 1 and two were almost about the same for me, but Liked most of the first part a little more ( except for a few scenes). I also had a pretty good felling about what would be happening most of the episode (but not all of it including the surprises) in the second part. But I really liked the first confrontation with their evil selves, and the battle in the end. But of course what isn’t a good or great battle near the end? Overall in my opinion, the first to parts were good, but I really hope the final two can be better.


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