Arrow Casts [Another] Manhunter Arrow Casts [Another] Manhunter
Arrow has cast David Cubitt as Mark Shaw, the Manhunter in Season 3. Arrow Casts [Another] Manhunter

David_Cubitt-110461There was some excitement a while back when it was announced that the character of Kate Spencer was coming to Arrow, mostly from those who remember Marc Andreyko’s excellent Manhunter comic book series.

Well, we saw what happened to Kate – who never did become a Manhunter, as far as we can tell – but now, THR is revealing that Medium actor David Cubitt will be playing a different Manhunter, Mark Shaw, in the season’s third episode, which GreenArrowTV told you before is called “Corto Maltese.”

Mark Shaw will have ties to Diggle, and in this case, he will be an A.R.G.U.S. operative in Corto Maltese.

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Craig Byrne

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