Arrow Casting Spoiler: David Nykl Is Anatoli Knyazev

Craig Byrne October 22, 2013 3

Nykl 2010-8x10GreenArrowTV has gotten confirmation of a guest star/character that will be in the upcoming Arrow episodes “Crucible” and “Keep Your Enemies Closer.”

David Nykl will be playing the role of “Anatoli Knyazev” in both of those episodes. While that’s all we know, a Google search might come up with some hints as to where they might be going with the character… though, that can go on the speculation side as we did NOT get any confirmation that he is [or isn’t] anything more. After all, when Brion Markov showed up, he wasn’t a terraforming prince of Markovia with the code-name Geo-Force, now, was he?

It might be worth noting that Knyazev was referenced in Season 1, in the episode “Vertigo.”

“Crucible” airs October 30. Don’t forget a new episode of Arrow airs tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 23) on The CW!

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  1. Halberdier17 October 22, 2013 at 3:21 pm -

    He should be in a flash back because he is the reason Ollie is a captain of the Bratva because Ollie said he saved his life.

  2. charles david haskell October 23, 2013 at 7:42 am -

    I hope that when Brion Markov appear that he will be as Geo-Force and an allies of The Arrow. I also hope that Tara”Terra” Markov will appear. I would love to learn more about her background and why she became so evil.

    • Pure Luck October 26, 2013 at 7:51 am -

      Brion Markov has already appeared, he was on screen for about 10 seconds while Malcolm Merlyn shot him