Arrow “Blind Spot” Promo Screencaps: With Deathstroke! Arrow “Blind Spot” Promo Screencaps: With Deathstroke!
Screen captures from the promo trailer for the Arrow episode Blind Spot, featuring Deathstroke Arrow “Blind Spot” Promo Screencaps: With Deathstroke!

S030A-122-ARW-110-43Sure looks like Slade Wilson is wearing a Deathstroke mask in the present day, doesn’t it? Or is this another fakeout and it’s actually someone else?

That is just one of many enticing shots in the extended promo trailer for the Wednesday, January 22 episode of Arrow. Slade Wilson in the present day – this one should be good! And it looks like Sebastian Blood is getting himself into trouble!

If that’s not enough, there’s more of the Arrow in his nifty new mask. We approve.

The episode is called “Blind Spot.”

Courtesy of Mr. Video, here are some screen captures from that promo:


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